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An academy dedicated to excellence in

writing and literature

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Writing Without Fear

The ability to properly and effectively communicate a thought or idea is essential to competing in our dynamic and global world.  Our words – both written and spoken – are under intense scrutiny, and those who cannot successfully convey a message operate at a costly disadvantage.  Yet, too many of our youth do not possess the skills necessary to compose a well-written document. The emotion most associated with this deficiency is fear.

Free Your Mind!

Understanding the classic connection between composition and literature, Write Right University is committed to instilling in students a love for rich literature and crafting a response to it.  Our classes take students on journeys around the world, exploring the past, present and future through works of literary art.  We then analyze each work to hone a deeper appreciation for the implications in our lives, taking to heart lessons that help develop character and that unearth a heightened sensitivity for the human condition.

Our Solutions

Write Right University offers multiple solutions to meet your student's needs. Small group classes facilitate spirited discussions about literature and later segue into literary analysis. In-home tutoring services provide unique opportunities for receiving one-on-one instruction. Both scenarios focus on teaching students writing as a process while also incorporating the 6 Traits.  Write Right also offers test prep and writing workshops.  All programs include vocabulary and

grammar activities.

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